LRT Done Right, Our Position

LRT Done Right demands the reopening of the Southwest LRT alignment process to identify a route that better serves Minneapolis and suburban area citizens.

LRT Done Right is a grassroots citizen group that believes mass transit is important for a vital metropolitan region and is dedicated to ensuring that Southwest Light Rail Transit (SWLRT) is “done right.” LRT Done Right stands for design excellence that takes into consideration environmental impact, livable communities, financial feasibility and safety concerns.

LRT Done Right stands for:

  • No co-location of freight rail and LRT on the Kenilworth Greenway. A shallow tunnel is a form of co-location.
  • Preservation of the region’s limited urban green space, trails and Chain of Lakes.
  • Responsible use of taxpayer dollars to increase the benefits of spending 1.8 billion dollars to connect urban and suburban communities.
  • Safety assurances for all citizens as it relates to freight rail. Sharing liability for freight accidents by the City of Minneapolis and its residents is unacceptable.

Because the Met Council has been unable to find a viable solution to the freight rail issue, LRT Done Right believes that realignment of the SWLRT is the only reasonable course of action.